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Curran & Briggs Limited is able to carry out a diversified selection of work.  Displayed below are a few projects that we have completed in the past.  Where photos are displayed click on the photo for a larger view, click on your browsers back button to return to this page.


bullet Summerside BMX Park Phase I & II:  Contracted by The City Of Summerside this project saw C&B construct a BMX Park at the intersection of Willow St and Greenwood Drive.  Work entailed excavation, storm pipe installation, earthworks, concrete & asphalt work as well as landscaping.      

       Bringing In The Gravel  Forming Rim  Shaping Bowls  Bowl Taking Shape  Applying Concrete  Fnish work  Concrete Work



Slemon Park / Route # 2 Traffic Circle:  Contracted by The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal the project saw the existing four way intersection replaced by a traffic circle.  Job specs called for the installation of the traffic circle, new storm lines, catch basins, road culverts, concrete curbing and landscaping required to complete the project.  A by-pass road with temporary traffic lights was constructed to handle the high volume of traffic during the construction of the traffic circle.

By-pass Road   Taking Shape  Site Work    Asphalt Going On  Asphalt Work 


bullet Ditch Infill / Sewer Upgrades City of Summerside:  The project for the City of Summerside is part of their continuing ditch infill & sewer upgrade program.  Work included the laying of storm water lines, catch basins, sewer main and manholes in addition sections of the road in the work area resurfaced, concrete curbs and gutters added where required and landscaping carried out to complete the project. 

Job Site  Placing Excavator  Excavation  Unloading pipe  Site work  Site work  Checking for elevation 


bullet Royalty Heights Phase 1:  Contracted by 100875 PEI Inc. this job had Curran & Briggs developing Phase 1 of the Royalty Heights sub-division in Charlottetown PEI.  Work entailed site preparation, installation of storm sewer, sewer and water mains, underground utilities as well as building  roads, curbs and gutter.

    Installing underground utilities  Roadbuilding  Compacting road surface  Rolling Fresh Asphalt  Putting Down The Blacktop  Site Paved  


bullet Red Bridge, Lift Station:  The City of Summerside awarded this contract to C&B to replace the existing lift station at the Red Bridge with a new one.  Work entailed; placement of a permanent by-pass, sanitary force main and the new lift station.    

Setting up site  Excavation  Pipe work  Digging dirt  Moving dirt       


bullet Skinner's Pond Wharf Repairs:  This contract was awarded to C&B by Public Works and Government Services Canada, extensive repairs were carried out to the existing wharf structure at Skinner's Pond.  Work involved removing existing wooden fenders, removing and replacing hoists, excavation and repair of existing wharf deck surfaces, pouring of concrete pads to secure hoists and asphalt paving.

          Existing wharf  Excavation of old deck surface  Filter fabric in place and back-filled  On going site work  Preparing to pour concrete pad  Asphalt


bullet Sobey's Parking Lot Stratford:  This job contracted by Crombie REIT.  C&B milled and excavated the existing lot then re-build it to job specs.

       Site work  Excavation & back fill  Loading trucks  Work completed  Fresh asphalt  Finsihed job 


bullet Ellerslie Soccer Field:  Sub-contracted by FitzGerald and Snow this project saw the construction of a soccer field for the community just behind the current ball field.

          Site work  Getting the new field ready  New field behind current ball field  East side of field and walkway  New soccer field  View towards ball field 


bullet Raceway Park, Oyster Bed Bridge:  Contracted by Raceway Park Ltd. this specialized paving project involved milling and resurfacing the 1/4 mile high banked paved oval track used for stock car racing.

           Paving the South high bank            


bullet Shoreline Protection:  This project for the City of Summerside Tourism Department saw 360 meters of the city's shoreline on the East end of the city protected from possible erosion.  Work included the laying of filter fabric and rip rap of R-5 and R-250 to prevent shoreline erosion.

            DSCF0604.JPG (164296 bytes)  DSCF0617.JPG (158780 bytes)  Rough Grading  DSCF0614.JPG (130377 bytes)


bullet Old Mill Pond Wellington:  Work on this project commenced in the fall of 2006 and completed during the spring / summer of 2007.  Work included upgrades to the existing dam, land clearance and site development which turned this area into a family park with a boardwalk, footbridge, picnic area and playground.  As well a parking lot was installed.




Downtown Summerside Development:  This job contracted from the City of Summerside saw the development of the Water Street area from around Harbour Drive East to Summer Street.  This included upgrading and replacing existing underground utilities, upgrading the existing street layout, re-paving and landscaping enhancements.

           Site Work   Excavation   Site Work   Shoring a Support Beam   Pipe Work  



Island Waste Watch East Prince Facility:  This major project took several months to complete and consisted of carrying out site work as well as establishing access roads for this solid waste management facility.  Extensive preparation work had to be carried out following very strict guidelines in regards to the environment as there could not be any chance of by-product from the facility leaching into the ground water table.

           Work Site From The Air Aerial View Access Road Landfill Site Barrier Placement


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